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John Bowes, Ed.D.

The Times They Are A-Changin’

Last month I wrote about the importance of a professional belief system and how four record albums on my office wall provide constant reminders to help guide my decisions and actions on a daily and long-term basis.  While I’ll write about the Beatles, the Who and Elvis Costello in the coming months, I wanted to start with an album that reminds us that change is constant and to be expected.

Bob Dylan recorded the album and single “The Times They Are a Changin’” just over 50 years ago.  In doing so, he foreshadowed the many societal shifts that were to take place over the next decade and beyond.   Dylan asked if a nation was prepared to be a part of an evolving cultural and political milieu, and at the... Continue Reading The Times They Are A-Changin’


Substitute Teachers Needed
The PVPUSD is seeking to expand its pool of subsitute teachers. The pay rates have recently been upgraded to:  ...

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2015-16 Restructuring of Administrative Management Staff
The Palos Verdes Peninsula Unified School District Board of Education voted Thursday evening to undertake a restructuring of the District...

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Spring Break Day Camp for Elementary Students
PV Kids' Corner is offering a Spring Break Day Camp for all PVPUSD elementary students. The camp will run from...

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Parent & Student Digital Citizenship Survey Results
Recently, the PVPUSD asked parents and students to provide feedback on Digital Citizenship issues by participating in a brief survey....

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