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How to search for a school based on residential address...

Use the search tool below to locate the elementary and intermediate school for a home address.

Results will list:
-School District Grid Code #
-Elementary School
-Intermediate School


Eastview & Grid Code 88: This grid code is part of LAUSD. State Law designates it as an optional attendance area. TK - Grade 12 students can choose to attend the PVPUSD.


High School Information: Students residing within the district boundaries may choose to attend either Palos Verdes Peninsula High School or Palos Verdes High School.


Please enter the street address information below in the following format:
1234 Street Name

If your search does not return any results, please try again and limit the search to just the street numbers and name only  without "road, rd, street, st, place, pl" etc.
example:  1234 Elm


For any addresses that include Palos Verdes Drive (East, West, South North), use the following format:
1234 Palos Verdes Dr (East, West, North, South)
use "Dr" for "Drive"    |    example: 4123 Palos Verdes Dr West

If you need further assistance or have questions related to the school attendance based on an address, please call (310) 896-3401.

There may be a duplicate address in two cities. If you have a problem searching, please contact the PVPUSD at the number above.