Goals for Grade Five
Fifth Grade Policies
Behavior Plan
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Goals for Grade Five

Responsibility - Students will learn to accept increasing responsibility. Please do not to for your child what he/she can do for him/herself.

1. Homework, 1 ½ hour Monday through Thursday.

2. Daily Assignment Log .

3. School related books need to be at school each day.

4. Word Study books

Students will learn to better organize materials and their use of time. Completing assignments neatly and on time is a major goal. You can assist your student by going over parent communications such as:

1. Monday News Update.

2. Long term assignment calendars.

3. Homework agenda books

Students will learn to enjoy the feeling that they will be life-long learners.

1. They will be reading for meaning.

2. Personal development of writing to communicate ideas and feelings.

3. We will build on strategies for becoming better readers, writers and problem solvers.

4. Most importantly, they will read, write and communicate daily in an environment where they feel free to take risks.

Your child will grow this year in self-confidence and self-esteem.

1. Together we will emphasize what a child "can do".

2. We will encourage their educational efforts.

3. We will provide opportunities for self-expression.

Students will learn to enjoy positive relationships with others. They will learn to work in teams effectively, to listen to each other, respect each other's feelings, and value the point of view of others.

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Fifth Grade Policies


1. Homework will be assigned Monday through Thursday (approximately 1 ½ hour per evening)

2. During the year, some "long-term projects" will be assigned. The students will be instructed on how to organize and budget time for these projects. However, these assignments are usually in addition to normal homework.

3. Students ARE RESPONSIBLE for all assignments. Late assignments CANNOT be made up.

4. Students missing assignments for the week will be identified on the Monday News Update. Please use this vehicle to keep abreast of your child's progress in class and communicate with me.

5. Student Homework Log - Each child will be responsible for logging daily homework assignments. At the end of each day the homework will be posted and the students will be given time to write it in their homework books. A homework hotline will also be provided.


1. Students must give the teacher a note upon returning to school after each absence.

2. If your child is absent, he/she must review the teacher's homework assignment log for any missed work. They are responsible for completing all work.

3. We encourage you to call the absence hotline at 514-3416 x250. Please leave your child's name, reason for absence, court number, and date of absence.

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Each child will receive an effort grade and work grade for each subject.


Effort Grade

Throughout the year, I will keep anecdotal records to help me grade. Completion of homework, attitude and cooperation contribute to this grade.

Work Grade

1. Objective grading (ie: math) will be graded on a straight percentage basis (ie: 90% = A, 80%=B…etc.).

2. Subjective grading (ie: writing) will be graded as appropriate dependent on the writing stage (ie: rough draft =v, final draft = A, B…etc.).

3. Homework, some assignments will receive a letter grade based on mastery of skills while others will receive a v, v-, or v+ which would indicate the quality of the work turned in.

4. Long Term - a rubric will be provided for these assignments so that your child will know what is expected.

5. Portfolios - We will be using portfolios in the classroom to collect your child's best and favorite works of writing. Both the students and myself will evaluate each work; this approach to assessment does not replace testing but rather adds to it. The portfolio will include writing samples. This form of assessment offers the opportunity to view the student's best work, see progress over time, and allows the student to assess their work. Your child will be bringing home their portfolios to share with you at the end of each term. Please offer positive comments on the parent evaluation form that is provided. This is a chance to sit down with your child and see the progress that has been made over the year.

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Fifth Grade Routines and Procedures


1. Monday News Update

This is a recap of the previous week's events, student's self-evaluation of their performance and reminders of upcoming responsibilities. It is the tool for communication between the student, teacher and parent. This communication is invaluable. Please go over the update and use it as a tool for communication with your child and with me. Comments are always welcomed and appreciated.

2. Homework

Expect your child to have approximately 1 ½ hours of homework each evening, Monday through Thursday. Encourage your child to be responsible for his/herself. Each child is required to write down the evening's assignments in the Weekly Assignment book the school has provided.

A good method for preventing forgotten homework is to have one location for all the " things to go to school tomorrow." Try a large basket by the front door, a box on the staircase, whatever works for your child and household.

In the event an assignment is not turned in or turned in incomplete, it will suffer appropriate grade penalties. Regardless of how late the work is, all assignments must be turned in. Allowing them to "fade away" would reinforce irresponsible behavior and diminish the student's education.

3. Interim Reports

Interim Reports will be sent home six weeks prior to close of grading period if your child is in danger of receiving a grade D or lower or if your child is having significant difficulties with responsibility or behavior. It is my hope that weekly communication via the Monday News Update would prove interim reports unnecessary as problems can be addressed and hopefully rectified on a weekly basis before your child jeopardizes his/her educational career.

4. Report Cards

Report cards are sent home three times per year. While a child's grades measure his/her progress much of that progress cannot be pigeonholed into a letter grade. Try not to hang your child's self-esteem on his/her grades; if he/she is trying his/her best, meeting the 5th grade goals, loves learning and is a good citizen, then positive progress is being made. As you are the most important evaluator of your child's progress, one "I'm proud of you" or "Great job!" will do more for your child's self-esteem and enthusiasm about school than 10 reports from me.

5. Parent Conferences

Parent conferences are held in the fall and in the spring. Conferences are an important part of your child's education and I hope to meet with all parents during the first conference period. If the November date causes scheduling difficulties, I would be happy to schedule an alternative date or time so that we are still able to meet and discuss your child's progress.

Please feel free to schedule a conference with me, telephone or write about anything that is concerning you at any time. Communication between home and school is of utmost importance. I will do my best to contact you immediately. The Monday news update is a good way to facilitate this communication.

6. Long-term Projects

There will be several long-term projects throughout the year. Encourage your child to plan ahead and work at a steady pace as opposed to leaving everything until the night before. We will be doing several book projects, reports in Social Studies, Language Arts reports, Science reports and a few others to be announced.

7. Word Study Notebooks

The students are required to read 30 minutes each night. Each week your child will be responsible for writing down ten words that they encounter in their nightly reading with which they are familiar. The child is then responsible for looking up and recording the definitions of those words. These will be due every Friday. The children should be reading books at, or slightly above their reading level. Therefore, it should not be a problem for them to find ten words a week that they do not know.

8. Current Events

In a global, information based society, it is important for students to learn to use print media to understand the world around them. Each child has been assigned a date when they are to present a current event. The student will then orally share the information with the class. The report should be a brief summary of what they read in the newspaper. Encourage your child to read the newspaper and discuss news with you at home. If you do not have the paper delivered, the local library has copies of the daily newspapers available.

9. Responsibility

Fifth grade is the year that we are getting your child prepared for junior high school. Therefore, it is essential we encourage students to become more responsible for their work (in class, homework, long-term assignments) and their behavior. Homework logs are a way to keep track of their assignments and students to keep track of their assignments and students also need to understand that an unfinished class assignment will become homework as well. Students will be keeping track of their grades so as to be aware of where they stand at all times. Students also need to be aware of long-term assignments and not wait to the last minute to start on these projects. The weekly reports will keep you informed as a parent, but the ultimate responsibility will be the student's. Together we can emphasize what your child "can" do and encourage their educational efforts.

10. Independent Study

This program is to be used for absences of five days or more. Please see Mrs. Cobb to obtain the appropriate paperwork. This program may be used for illnesses.

11. Special activities for Fifth Grade

· Your child will be going on a camping excursion to Malibu for a week at Outdoor Science School. The students will learn about environmental science in a hands-on experience. This is also a wonderful way for the class to bond at the beginning of the school year.

· At the end of the year, the fifth grade will be taking a trip to Catalina Island. It will be a full day excursion. This will be a good time to have our last bit of fun for the year. (student behavior will be the determinate for who is eligible to go)

· Another activity at the end of the year will be a Staff vs. 5th grade softball game. We will play at school in the afternoon. (student behavior will be the determinate for who is eligible to play)

12. Book Clubs

I try to maintain a constant availability of literature and pleasure reading to your child. I will be sending book club order forms home as an inexpensive way to increase your child's access to books. A selection of books at home will encourage your child to read, read, read! Watch for book club orders.

13. Birthdays

If you would like to celebrate your child's birthday with the class, I encourage you to do so by donating a book to either the school or classroom library. If you have something else in mind, just let me know. Everyone loves a celebration.

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Our Behavior Plan


In order to maintain a good learning environment, the students and I have developed the following discipline plan based on mutual respect between teacher and students. Each student is held accountable for his / her actions:

Classroom Rules:

· Follow directions the first time.

· No swearing or teasing.

· No yelling in class.

· No talking out of turn.

· Have all supplies ready to go in the morning (including Homework).

· Only one person speaks at any one time


If your child CHOOSES to break the classroom rules the consequences are, in this order:

1. They will receive a warning and will owe me a ticket which will result in a reduced grade in citizenship on the report card.

2. They will receive a time out and a yellow card with note home which will result in a reduced grade in citizenship on the report card.

3. They will receive a red card, be sent to the principal's office with a note home which will result in a reduced grade in citizenship on the report card.

4. Along with the school's discipline plan as outlined above, the fifth grade will also be implementing a rewards system using fake money, "Dapplegray Dollars". They students may earn and lose their money. They can also purchase items or activities with their Dapplegray Dollars. Students will be responsible to keep track of their money; earnings and spending.


Out goal is to have children take responsibility for their behaviors and develop plans that help them follow rules.

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Other Information


· Students should not come to school before 8:30 a.m. as the school playground is not supervised until that time.

· Please pick up students up at the upper grade ramp before 3:00.

· Please send a note when your child is absent, or leave a voicemail:

Day - x628

Nelson - x629

Steinbach - x627


· Web site:

Please use this as a tool to check homework, view students' work and to get news about events. You may access the site through the PVPUSD Web site. www.pvpusd.k12.ca.us Go to the link for teacher web pages and find the Dapplegray 5th grade site.

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Daily Schedule


Home Room


Period 1


Period 2




Period 3




Language Arts




Ms. Day will be teaching:

· Science

· Health

· P.E.

Mrs. Nelson will be teaching:

· Social Studies

· Geography


Mrs. Steinbach will be teaching:

· Math

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