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Working at his summer job, the 17 year old student knew there was a problem with his schedule. He had recently taken time off to attend a school leadership retreat followed by a four day sports tournament for his club team.  When he received an email from work, he noticed that he was not scheduled for the next two weeks.  "Do you think I should send my supervisor an email or text him?" he asked his parents.  "Neither," replied his Dad, "drive to the office and talk to him in person."  It turned out that this was good advice.  His supervisor commended his efforts by stating, "I'm glad you took the time to come in and talk to me … that is the way my Dad raised me... most kids would have just sent... Continue Reading Conversation


Safe School Resources
A Safe School Resources page has been added to the PVPUSD website to provide information for students, parents, staff and...

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Applications for Parcel Tax Oversight Committee
The Board of Education is seeking two additional members for a term of four years (2018) to the Citizens’ Oversight...

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Ebola Information Update
District Nurse Kathy Barry and the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health have provided the latest updates and information...

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Common Core Updates & Information
The PVPUSD has shared additional resources and information regarding the Common Core State Standards.  Stakeholders can review this information...

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