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Don Austin, Ed.D.

Happy Maps and a Commitment to Occasionally Resist Efficiency

A good friend recently sent me a Ted Talk video of researcher, Daniel Quercia, discussing the concept of Happy Maps (  Daniel explains that most mapping programs (ie Map Quest, Garmin, iMAP) identify the best route for travel by determining the shortest time and distance between two points.  While efficient, Quercia contends this approach is flawed by assuming the most efficient route creates the most joy and happiness.

Like most good lessons, this Ted Talk is open to multiple interpretations.  Literally taken, my most enjoyable commute to work from my home in Huntington Beach involves a coastal route that avoids the highway and includes over 20 miles of beautiful ocean views.  It adds about fifteen minutes to the drive, but allows me to arrive more relaxed... Continue Reading Happy Maps and a Commitment to Occasionally Resist Efficiency


Health Advisory - Measles
The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) issued a Health Advisory on January 7.  There are 22 confirmed cases of measles...

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High School Choice for 8th Graders
Current 8th grade students who live in the PVPUSD attendance area can choose to attend Palos Verdes High School (PVHS)...

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Kindergarten Parent Information Nights
The PVPUSD will host two information nights for parents of Kindergarten students in the 2015-16 school year on January 27th...

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Intermediate School Transfer Process for 2015-16
Students entering grades 6 – 8 attend Intermediate School based on their home address. In an effort to accommodate parent requests for...

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