Grading Procedures

The Final Grade is made up of quiz grades, homework grades, journals, tests, projects, and performances.

Everything is averaged into a single letter grade (i.e. A,B,C,D,F,O).

Quizzes are out of 10 points. Every three quizzes equal a letter grade. For example, if a student received an 9, 10, and an 8 on three quizzes, that would equal 27 points. That in turn equals 90%. Therefore they would receive an A for those three quizzes.

Homework assignments are either given a check plus, check, or check minus. A check plus = work turned in early or extra effort, check = work turned in on time, check minus equals work turned in late or little effort. A letter grade is given after 5 homework assignments. The grading process is involved, but if you turn in all your homework on time you are quaranteed an A on your homework.

Journals are graded strictly on word count.

A=150 words or more

B=120 words



Every five journals are averaged into a letter grade.

Tests are given a letter grade.

Major papers are given two letter grades.


In review:

3 quizzes = 1 letter grade

5 homeworks = 1 letter grade

5 journals = 1 letter grade

1 test = 1 letter grade

major paper = 2 letter grades


Finally, all letter grades are converted to numbers.

Every A in the grade book equals 5 points

Every B =4 points

Every C = 3 points

Every D = 2 points

Every F = 1 points

Incompletes, no names and zeros = o points


All the points are added up, and then divided by the number of grades.



Lets say Joe Student had twenty letter grades in the grade book.

All his grades add up to 80 points.

I would divide 80 by 20 which would give the number 4.


In order to receive an A, a student must have a 4.5 or above

B=3.5 or above

C=2.5 or above

D= 1.5 or above

F= 1.49 and below

Therefore, Joe Student would receive a "B" in the class.